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Take control of your chronic pain with Knee+

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Knee+ offers a more impactful recovery for those suffering from chronic pain.

It’s a new, innovative approach to at-home light therapy that offers clinic-level treatments from the comfort of your own home.


Dosage is key: Optimal dosage means faster results, less pain, and more healing

Easily target the specific tissues with pain or inflammation: You’ll be able to get better pain relief for various conditions.


Compared to other light therapy solutions, the size of Knee+ allows you to enjoy hands-free sessions anytime, anywhere. Keep access to light therapy wherever you are!

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How it works?

Red light therapy isn’t new, but its lack of accessibility, functionality, and cost of therapy sessions makes it hard for people to get the relief they’re looking for.


Laser-based therapy for better penetration


Small, modular design for easy use and carry


Wearability: hands-free, cable-free


Magnetic bands that connect easily and stay secure

Easily and accurately pinpoint pain and inflammation spots


Relief where you need it when you need it!

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Red light therapy
for any time, anywhere

✅ The size of Knee+ allows you to bring it anywhere
✅ Designed for portability and convenience
✅ The magnetic charging dock holds all modules for easy travel

You can get access to light therapy wherever you are!


Get back to moving with Knee+

Next-generation lasers increase the penetration rate for better dosing of internal tissue
✅ Treatment at skin level enables better dosing and faster results
Modular design means you can easily adjust positioning for better treatment of the painful, inflamed tissue


Chronic pain is hard to live with, but surprisingly easy to ignore

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain of some form.

✅ More and more studies have proven infrared therapy to be an effective alternative to treating chronic pain
✅ Knee+ is the most cost-effective, functional, and accessible light therapy solution available


Quick and easy recharge

The magnetic charging dock allows Knee+ to quickly and easily charge without hassle. The charging dock is portable so you can bring Knee+ with you anywhere!


Free smartphone app

Knee+ also includes a free smartphone app that provides you with:
✅ Specific exercises to improve strength and movement patterns
✅ Reduce load on key areas of pain and inflammation
Rehab Yourself from Home
Reminders for treatment sessions
✅ Breathing biofeedback for chronic pain in-app…& much more…

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